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The Silence Between the Sighs
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The Silence between the Sighs
M. M. Novic

ISBN: 978-84-92497-30-0
PVP: 13 €

We all have a secret place, which we visit, a world, a universe, where everything is possible and anything can be. Silence…Where the most beautiful music can be heard, where droplets of inspiration become oceans of realisation. Close your eyes, leave this world… enter a place that is timeless, that knows no end, become part of Infinity…
How precious mankind is, yet so lost amongst themselves, within themselves. It seems that we spend lifetimes running after something that doesn’t exist. Running after illusions, mirages that our minds create and then just when we think that we have reached it, we realise that our soul has become a desert, no water to survive, for we were running after that which was not real. What is real? The Truth within is waiting… What are we waiting for?

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