The Silence Between the Sighs

The Silence Between the Sighs
The Silence Between the Sighs
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The Silence between the Sighs
M. M. Novic

ISBN: 978-84-92497-30-0
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We all have a secret place, which we visit, a world, a universe, where everything is possible and anything can be. Silence…Where the most beautiful music can be heard, where droplets of inspiration become oceans of realisation. Close your eyes, leave this world… enter a place that is timeless, that knows no end, become part of Infinity…
How precious mankind is, yet so lost amongst themselves, within themselves. It seems that we spend lifetimes running after something that doesn’t exist. Running after illusions, mirages that our minds create and then just when we think that we have reached it, we realise that our soul has become a desert, no water to survive, for we were running after that which was not real. What is real? The Truth within is waiting… What are we waiting for?

was born in England and grew up in the countryside, where she took her inspiration from the days and nights spent in the natural world that surrounded her, which taught her that everything in nature as well as with people has its own language and wants to be heard.

As a child she began to realise, that to write, is to put into words that what the heart cannot express. She describes that one of the major turning points in her life was that at the age of seven she became severely ill with pneumonia and was ordered to stay in solitude for over a month. Sitting alone and in darkness led her to a place within herself that only the silence could fill, for she realised that there she could hear her own heart. So she made a promise to herself, that she would travel the world hearing the hearts of others and giving them a chance to speak, giving them a door through which they could walk through, so they to could find their purpose in life.

She now works as a Writer, Poet, Complimentary and Holistic Therapist & Teacher who runs workshops & seminars in massage, breathing techniques &various other therapies around the world, where she hopes that she may show people the benefits of healing our past & our present, in order to give us hope for the future.

That through the language of touch, we may learn to understand the language of the Heart…


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